Send a S'more-a-Gram

Send a S'more-a-Gram


Surprise a loved one, a co-worker, a friend or even a stranger with Globe’s signature Tabletop S'mores experience, delivered right to their doorstep. To celebrate, to congratulate, to give them a smile ..... or just to show you care!

Delivered to any Big White or Kelowna doorstep in a gift box, to allow the recipient to recreate Globe’s signature Tabletop S'mores dessert in the comfort of home.

4 giant housemade marshmallows, chocolate Kahlua Ganache for spreading, Graham Crackers, honeycomb, toasting skewers, tabletop fuel tin,  matches & finger wipes! Unpack the box, get comfortable, light your tabletop fire, toast your giant marshmallow to perfection, layer delicious chocolate ganache on your base cracker, add your mallow on top and squeeze between the top cracker….indulge….and get enjoyably messy!

Please enter the name of the lucky recipient, together with your desired date and time of delivery, in the Special Instructions field below.

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